8 Tips to Enjoy Your Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet to the Fullest​

The breakfast buffet is one of the purest pleasures of the hotel experience. These are 8 tips to enjoy your breakfast buffet at the fullest. 


1. Scope out buffet first

One thing about the breakfast buffet is that the food layout is always unpredictable. You should scope out the potential ingredients you want to have beforehand. Most of us end up helping ourselves with just cold and readymade food that are available to us. It is because of the “tunnel vision”, we just focus and latch on the main food platters and grab the food before taking a hasty gateway. 


So, be cool and take 2 or 3 casual passes around the buffets. We have plenty of time to check every periphery of the buffet treat and services. After the scope out, you can start to build a first course plan in your mind and proceed, then plan for the next coming stage while having relished your first pickings.


2. Don’t piled up all food at once

Pilling up plate with foods that are not going well or unbalanced, can not only turn into bad taste but also makes you look less conspicuous. Instead of pilling up your plate, you can do smart meal planning of you own. 


3. Limits salty and sugary intake

The salty breakfast can make you incredibly thirsty and drinks tons of water which can lead you to unnecessary bathroom trips. It would be the last thing you wanted when you plan for sightseeing. Also try to avoid sugary food, if you don’t want to crash from a sugar high on travelling. 


4. Take advantage of fresh options

Imaging you are craving for omelet and there is omelet station, you should have a fresh and customized omelet as you see fit. Don’t forget to take fresh food options if it is available at the buffet.


5. Make breakfast of your own

Even there isn’t food you like at buffet, don’t just grab a bagel and get out of there. You can at least try a genius DIY sandwich. There will be an extensive source of ingredients you cannot have at home, so make unusual and interesting own sandwich by adding ingredients you like.


6. Capitalize on regional items

If you are on oversea trip, make sure to enjoy the area-specific cuisine if it is available at buffet. Travel is all about trying new and local experience.


7. Stay far from the buffet

This tip is only for you when you are planning a long day trip after your breakfast. You don’t want to be overstuffed and walk miles around the city. For that case, it is better for you sit far away from all-you-can-have-buffet for your own good.


8. Advoid embrassing yourself

The last tip is don’t appear too hungry or too excited over complimentary food when you are having buffet at the hotel. Being greedy can make you embarrass yourself.

Hope the above tips will help you get the fullest enjoyable breakfast at hotel buffet.